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Xpuhil is located near Chicanná. Xpuhil means 'Place of the Cattails' in Mayan. The city flourished during the late classic period from 400 to 900 AD. The site is formed by Group I with Structure I, Group II with Structure II and Group III.
Structure I was built around 760 AD and is typical Rio Bec architecture. There are three towers in stead of the usual two. The towers have very steep stairways almost reaching the top. On the towers you find several Jaguar masks.
About 60 meters east Structure two was built. This structure was used as an elite residence.
Group III and other groups have not been excavated or restored yet .

General Information
Services: Rest room , parking and ticket sale shop.
Location: 290 km from Xcalak, 110 km from Chetumal, 200 meters north of highway 186.
Transportation: no public transportation available.
Open: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM