Costa Maya, Xcalak and Mahahual (Majahual) Visitors pages - Xcalak town

Xcalak houseThe village of Xcalak is small and tranquil. There are about 400 inhabitants. Life in Xcalak is relaxed, most people live from fishing. Infrastructure development is slowly bringing Xcalak to the 21st century standard of living. However due to environmental laws the area is protected against large scale tourism. Developments like the local clinic and library increase the standard of living for the native population. 
Hotel Tierra MayaIn the last decade several small restaurants and hotels have settled in town and along the coast. These places have a familiar atmosphere and serve nice dishes. Visitors from all over the world come to Xcalak to enjoy the remoteness, diving and the small hotels with their personal and warm approach. In Xcalak there is one camp ground called Maya Village. It has an outdoor bar and many of the visitors and inhabitants share their Friday night in the warm evening breeze on the beach.
Banco ChinchorroXcalak is well know for it's pristine environment. Along the coast as well as on Banco Chinchorro there are excellent opportunities for diving. Kayaking, biking and snorkeling are all activities that give great fun in this area.

The river Boca Bacalar Chico run from the Caribbean sea to the Bay of Chetumal. It has many side rivers and is mainly surrounded by mangrove. The area on the inside of the Chetumal bay is particularly suitable for fishing.
Boca Bacalar ChicoThe Bay of Chetumal is surrounded by a pristine natural area. It has a Manatee Marine park. Bahia de Chetumal has been proposed as one of the most important mating and calving areas of western Caribbean.

A new dock has been constructed on the Chetumal Bay side. In the future a ferry will be running from Xcalak to Chetumal.
Xcalak Xcalak is and will be playing a more dominant role in sea sports. It is the entry port for ships arriving from and going to Belize. A new yacht harbor has been planned in the new channel called Canal de Zaragoza. The canal will also allow the easy entry by boats to Chetumal and the Bay of Chetumal.

It is very easy to get a boat from Xcalak to San Pedro. The trip will take about 1 1/2 hour. This is a popular option for backpackers who have planned Belize and Mexico in their trip.
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