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Restaurants in Xcalak

Loncheria Silvia Goto top

Loncheria SilviaLoncheria Silvia serves fresh fish and chicken, taco's, beer etc. They are open most of the day. If you are in need of food this is your best chance. Sometimes they also sell petrol.


Margerita's food stand Goto top

Loncheria SilviaMargarita sells fruit, vegetables, bread, egss etc. She also serves food like porck in Tomato sause and very good early breakfast like Huevos Rancheros.

The leaky Palapa Goto top

ConchitasThe leaky Palapa is where visitors and locals meet to share good food, lively conversation and a cold cerveza in a tropical setting. Let the warm Caribbean breezes, stunning evening skies be your perfect accompaniment to your freshly prepared grouper, snapper, lobster and or conch.

ConchitasSituated oceanfront, on the sandy streets of Xcalak, Mexico, just a few doors down from Hotel Marina Mike's, The leaky Palapa is the ideal way to compliment an idyllic day. Relax on our beach verandah, sip a local drink and take in the tranquil view. Palm trees swaying, and except for an occasional falling star, absolutely no sign of the hurried paced world left behind. Reservation is recommended.

Your hosts are Marla and Linda.


Phone (Xcalak): int+52-983-80431

Xcalak Caribe (Yamira's place) Goto top

Xcalak Caribe Xcalak caribe is located on the waterfront just south of the in-town pier. Yamira serves the best fish ceviche, shrimp and lobster tacos. Also the hamburgers are delicious.

Xcalak Caribe

Maya Grill (Hotel Tierra Maya) Goto top

Maya GrillThe Maya Grill is located at the Hotel Tierra Maya. They serve good breakfast and diner. Maya Grill has menu with a daily choice of five very delicious meals. No reservations required.Maya Grill

Restaurant Costa de Cocos Goto top

Costa de Cocos restaurantThe restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfast buffet with fresh fruits, hot brewed coffee, homemade sourdough bread, hotcakes and juices. Or choose from a variety of hot dishes. Chicken, pork, beef or our favored fish tacos for lunch, with a side order of french fries, black beans. Hamburgers, tortas and salads are also available.

Chilli pepper Dinner is family style:
homemade bread, soup, salad, entree of fish, chicken or conch with rice, beans or potatoes, or pasta followed by a homemade dessert, from homegrown banana or coconut cream pie to chocolate eclairs.
A full bar to complement your meal!

Mama Ruth' (Sandwood Villas) Goto top

Sandwood villa restaurant Mama Ruth's is part of Sandwood Villas. In Mama Ruth's you can find the following:

Continental breakfast $ 4.00
Breakfast $ 5.00
Lunch $ 6.00
Chicken $ 10.00
Fish $ 10.00
Fajitas $ 10.00
Spaghetti $ 8.00
Americas pork chops (1 & ½ inches) $ 15.00
Pork medallion $ 10.00
Hamberger and chips $ 8.00
Lobster tail (8 oz) in season $ 20.00
Lobster tail (16 oz) in season $ 25.00
Rib eye beef steak $ 10.00
Beef steak (arranchera) $ 10.00

Shrimp and steak

$ 15.00
Shrimp $ 15.00
Chicken mole $ 10.00
Jerk -- ribs or chicken $ 15.00
More on request  
Beer $ 1.00
Pop $ 0.50
Wine 4 oz $ 2.00
Mixed drinks 4 oz $ 3.50
Margaritas (not a mix) 4 oz $ 3.50

If you have special diet requirements please advise us.

Dinner reservations required by 2 pm

Linda Vista Restaurant (Playa Sonrisa) Goto top

There is no information available concerning this restaurant.


El Taquito Goto top

Xcalak latest restaurant is called El Taquito. You can get the best seafood taco's at El Taquito! They will also delivery food to the hotels. You can order by VHF, call 'El Taquito'.

Brisas del Mar Goto top

Descreption to be added.





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