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Driving in Mexico

The following description is based on regulations active in September 2002. Please check with the authorities if these still apply.

If your travel is within the border Zone or Free Trade Zone (including the Baja California Peninsula and the Sonora Free Trade Zone) there are no procedures to comply with. However, if you pass these zones, the following procedures will apply:

 Step 1:

Obtain the original and one photocopy of the following documents:

  • The appropriate immigration form.
  • The vehicle State Registration Certificate, or a document that certifies the legal ownership of the vehicle.
  • The Leasing Contract if the vehicle is leased or rented. These must be in the name of the person importing the car. If the vehicle belongs to a company, present the documents that certify the employee works for the company.
  • A Valid Drivers License, issued outside Mexico.
  • An International Credit Card, also issued outside Mexico (American Express, Diner's Club, Visa or Mastercard), in the name of the owner of the vehicle. If you do not posess an international credit card, you will be asked to post a bond, pyable to the Federal Treasury, issued by an authorized bonding company in Mexico.

As an alternative to posting a bond, you may make a cash deposit at Banco del Ejercito in an amount equal to the value of your vehicle according to the "Table of vehicle values for bonding companies." (See table below


Amount of Bond in US Dollars
Vehicle Class 1996-1995 1994-1993 1992-1991 1990-1983 Earlier
1. Large and Luxury Vehicles. $10,000 7,000 3,000 1,500 500
2. Pick up trucks and Vans. 7,500 4,000 1,500 1,000 500
3. Medium and Compact Vehicles. 6,000 3,000 1,000 750 500
4. European, Sports Vehicles, Vintage Autos. 20,000 12,000 5,000 3,000 1,000


 Step 2:

Once you have the originals and photocopies of these documents, present them to the Vehicular Control Module located in Customs to process the importation permit. All documents and the credit card must be in the name of the owner, who must also be in the vehicle when crossing the border.

 Step 3:

Your international credit card will be charged an amount in national currency equivalent to US$12 th the Banco del Ejercito. Once again, If you do not have an international credit card, the Banco del Ejercito will accept a cash deposit in an amount equal to the value of your vehicle shown in the previous table.
your deposit plus any interest it may earn will be returned to you when you leave Mexico. You may choose to obtain a bond through an authorized Mexican bonding company at the border crossings. The authorized bonding companies will require a refundable deposit equal to the value of the vehicle, according to the table shown opposite. The bonding company will also access taxes and processing costs for this service.

 Step 4:

Upon your departure from Mexico, and if the vehicle is not going to be driven back into Mexico, the permit for temporary importation must be cancelled at Customs.