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Chicanná lies in the state of Campeche. Chicanná is currently being restored. (Chennes)

Chicanna map Structure XX
You can find the following buildings:

1. Chultún
2. Structure II
3. Structure III
4. Structure I
5. Structure IV
6. Structure XI
7. Structure VI
8. Structure XX

Chicanná is most famous for structure II. This building has a facade with a gigantic snake mouth. The mouth is called after the god Itzamná. This type of façade is characteristic for the late classic period of (550-700 AD).
Structure II has three entrances, after each entrance there are two rooms. The construction appears to be a palace. However the the function seems to be of a cult purpose.
Structure XX also shows a snake mouth at the entrance of the pyramid. The entrance exists of a mouth that seems to ready to swallow the visitor. Behind this dramatic entrance a tower rises up on which two connected shrines are constructed. The entrance that allows the access to the cella-rooms is repeated on the second floor. These rooms were used by the offerers. On the corners of these towers of Structure XX you can find mask. These masks are of the rain god Chac. This god is also found in the PUUC style of Yucatan
General Information
Services: Rest room , parking and ticket sale shop.
Location: 300 km from Xcalak, 120 km from Chetumal, 1 km north of highway 186.
Transportation: no public transportation available.
Open: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm