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CalakmulCalakmul has only recently been discovered and is only partly excavated. The site is very large and there are around 6500 buildings. The area that surrounds this site is rich in forest with great trees like the cedar, wood of dye, chaca and many others. Also a great variety of animals and birds like the saraguatos monkeys, deer, armadillos, wild boars, among others can be found.

The Calakmul site belongs to the Rio Bec region. This area dates from time 400 BC to 1100 AD. Calakmul means "River of Roble".

CalakmulThis archaeological zone is in the low zones of the Petén area, it is a city constituted by several groups of buildings that form independent units that occupy a large surface. The first group extends 280 meters north-south occupies and 800 meters east-west. This group contains raised structures. The second group is located towards the south east of the waterfall called Aurora. It covers an area of140 meters east-west and 85 meters north-south. In this group a ball game is located that measures 32 meters in length by 10 meters wide in its central corridor. Within this wonderful zone a building known as the famous temple "B" is located.

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General Information:
Location: 340 km from Xcalak, 160 km from Chetumal, 118 km south of highway 186.
Open: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM