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The discovery of the oldest human remains goes back to the Pre classic period from 600 BC to 250 AD. It's decadence started between 800 and 1,200 AD, with a notorious demographic fall around the year 1450. It's name means "the way of the snake or deep hole made by water". The entrance to Becan is by crossing a bridge. The central area is surrounded by a depression and a city wall. It's perimeter was, more or less, oval shaped, with the main buildings of the ancient city in it's interior. It covered around 25 acres, although it later extended mixing it's borders with other settlements like Chicana, just two kilometers southeast and with Xpujil, seven kilometers east. The Mayans built their city in Becan, and chose a calcareous headland partly surrounded by a tropical forest and low terrain. This terrain flooded periodically contributing to the formation of a nearby source of water that ensured water supply for the settlers. This headland has an oval shape that dictated the space distribution of the city, and the opening of the surrounding depression.
You can find the following buildings:

1. Eastern Plaza
2. Terrace
3. Central Square
4. Western Plaza
Becan Map Structure IV Eastern Plaza Ball Court
The buildings distributed over the Becan headland can be divided into three groups: the A Square Group or East Square; the Intermediate Terrace Group, B Square or Central Square and the C Square Group or West Square. The highest part, occupied by the A Square Group or East Square is formed by four structures surrounding a square. The B Square Group or Central Square is made up of three buildings. Finally, the C Square or West Square, in its southeastern end, the Ball Courts, are still preserved. It is formed by two parallel buildings located in a north-south direction (as most Ball Courts in Meso-America) forming a 32 meter long by 9 meter wide patio. No stone rings on the inclines nor markers in the court have been found, nonetheless, there is no doubt it is a courtyard for the Ball Game.
General Information
Services: Rest room , parking and ticket sale shop.
Location: 290 km from Xcalak, 110 km from Chetumal, 400 meters north of highway 186.
Transportation: no public transportation available.
Open: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM