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Note that the information below was valid on 1st of May 2002. Please check with the embassy if these regulations are still valid.

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Status of immigration

There are three status of immigration;

A. Non Immigrant (No Inmigrantes)

A non immigrant is any person who stays in Mexico for a limited period of time without the permission to work. Non immigrant visa are the tourist visa (FMT) and (FM3).

B. Immigrant (Inmigrantes)

An immigrant is any person who stays in Mexico for an unlimited amount of time with or without the permission to work. The immigrant visa is the (FM2).

The following activities allow you to apply for an immigrant visa:

  • Person with independent means (Rentista)
  • Investor (Inversionista)
  • Professional (Profesionista)
  • Manager (Cargo de Confianza)
  • Scientist (Cientifico)
  • Technician (Tecnico)
  • Family reunion (Familiar)
  • Artist/Athlete (Artista/Deportista)

For immigrants settling in the Costa Maya area the two most common activities will be Investor and Family Reunion.
As an investor the government has to approve the investment or activity that will be done in Mexico. The Investor has to show that he has sufficient funds or that his/her activities will benefit the Mexican economy.
For Family Reunion the first in line Mexican relative has to apply for the Immigrant visa. The government will decide weather the immigrant is allowed to do paid work or not.

C. Immigrated (Inmigrado)

A person can become an immigrated person if he/she has lived in Mexico for at least 5 consecutive years with an Immigrant status (FM2). The 'FM2 Immigrant' visa will be converted to a 'FM2 Immigrated' visa. An Immigrated person is allowed to do paid work.

These requirements can be subject to change.

National Immigration Institute of Mexico

The National Immigration Institute of Mexico is the main authority in the issuance of Visas and Migratory forms. It determines policies and procedures for all the Embassies and Consulates of Mexico.

The contact information for the INM is as follows:

Instituto Nacional de Migración
Ejército Nacional 862 (Entre las calles de Séneca y Platón)
Colonia Polanco, C.P. 11560
Tel. (52-2) 581 0164
(52-2) 581 0165
(52-2) 581 0113
Fax (52-2) 581 0134

You can also consult information and obtain an office directory from the Immigration Institute of Mexico's website, at:

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Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to enter Mexico as tourists, check with your local embassy. However, you must travel with your valid passport (minimum 6 month valid ).

You may not engage in profitable activities or study in Mexico.

Minors (individuals under the age of 18) travelling
alone, with only one parent or with someone other than his/her parents
must have a notarized letter of consent, signed by both parents or the absent parent.
If parents are divorced, a Parental Custody document is permissible in lieu of notarized letter. If you are flying to Mexico, check with the airline in advance about their policies.

You can extend the tourist visa. You need to file for an extension at the Immigration Institute.

There are no costs for a FMT Tourist Visa.

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The Consulate General will issue Immigrant Visas FM2 to those applicants who have been granted a previous authorization by the Immigration Institute of Mexico.

The procedures for acquiring the FM2 Immigrant Visa are:

  • Fill out the Visa Application form, available at the Consulate.
  • Authorization letter from the Ministry of the Interior in Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Migracion)
  • Apply at this Consulate General in person.
  • Valid passport
  • Fill out and present the Form FM1 in Spanish (available only at the Consulate), one original and four photocopies)
  • Six (6) front view and six (6)profile passport-size photos (1 1/2" square) in black and white
  • Payment of Consular Visa fee for the FM2 document

The costs for the FM2 Visa are approx. 279 USD / 314 Euro.

FM3 - Nonimmigrant Visa for retirees Goto top

If you wish to retire in Mexico the requirement is that your expenses will be covered by:

  • income brought to Mexico from a foreign country.
  • income resulting from investments, either in Mexico or abroad you can apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa (FM3) for retirees.

The Consulate is only empowered to issue the Nonimmigrant Visa for multiple entries (FM3) to those who wish to make trips of limited duration. If the applicant wishes to reside indefinitely in Mexico, he or she, and only in the cases where applicable must request the proper migratory form before the National Immigration Institute of Mexico.

Employment-based migratory form applications must be filed for by the Mexican employer in the applicant before the National Immigration Institute.

The procedure to acquire a Nonimmigrant Visa (FM3) for multiple entries are:

  • Fill out the Visa Application form, available at the Consulate.
  • Appearance in person at the Consulate.
  • Valid Passport.
  • Two (2) front view passport size photos.
  • Proof of economic solvency:
    Applicant must prove a monthly income of $1,000.00 USD dollars, or equivalent in Mexican currency. If the applicant will be accompanied by members of his immediate family, the minimum income required will be $500.00 additionally per month for each member 15 years of age or older
    The documents accepted as a proof are: Bank statement, Social Security or Pension Receipts; such documents must be notarized and bear the apostille issued by the Secretary of State of the State where the documents were notarized.
  • Payment of the Consular Fee.

In most cases, an FM3 can be issued for up to one year, on a multiple entries basis.

It takes 1 working day to issue the Nonimmigrant FM3 Visa when it is submitted directly at the Consulate.

You can not extend the FM3 visa. You may obtain a new one for business or as a technician. Or, you can extend your stay in Mexico if you apply for a change of migratory status. Please consult the Immigration Institute.

The costs for the FM3 Visa are approx. 106 USD / 120 Euro.

Import Visa for Household Goods into Mexico Goto top

The procedure for acquiring Household Goods Visa is:

  • FM2 or FM3 (Mexican authorization to live or work in Mexico, issue by the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico or any Mexican Consulate, during previous six months).
  • Typewritten original and four photocopies of the household goods inventory in Spanish.
    First page must have the name of the person who holds FM2 or FM3, address in the USA and his/her temporality of residence and the address in Mexico. The last page must be signed by the titular of the FM2 or FM3. Electronic items must be described with model, serial number and brand.

It takes 24 hours to process this visa at this consulate.

The costs for the FM2 Visa are approx. 137 USD / 154 Euro.

Transportation Goto top

For transportation of the house hold goods you can use the following means;

  • Car;
    If you can drive from the USA or other bordering countries you can load as much as possible in your car. This is probably the cheapest way of transportation.
  • Plane;
    If you have a small amount of items you can transport them as cargo instead of over weight. Report it to the airline if you want this. Then probably it will be on the same flight as yourself.
  • Boat;
    There are several container ports. In Veracruz and Puerto Morelos containers can be unloaded. You have to arrange a truck to transport the goods to your new address. Be aware that these trucks will not always be able to reach your 'beach' location due to the weight.
    With the new ferry from Tampa to Calica/Cancun you can bring house hold goods in your car on the ferry. Check the transportation section of the visitors pages for more information on the ferry.
    For transportation of your boat you can contact Dockwise Yacht Transport.

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