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January 2006 Goto top
Xcalak CaribeXCALAK - Xcalak Caribe has been re-opened by Yamira. Yamira is known for the great cooking and atmosphere at Tierra Maya in the past. Xcalak caribe is located on the waterfront just south of the in-town pier. Yamira serves the best fish ceviche, shrimp and lobster tacos. Also the hamburgers are delicious.
Xcalak Caribe - Polly's shopXCALAK - Poly has opened her new gift shop in Xcalak Caribe. She offers high quality T-shirts and hats. After her dog jewelry is Polly's first love so you'll find the best line of Mexican Caribbean items in here shop!
COSTA MAYA - I-USA-Cell has unexpectedly switched of their analog phone network. This means severall hotels on the Costa Maya are without phone. Alternatives are being tried out and it seems that hotels who have to change their system will also get a new phone number. Please check the message board for the latest information.
January 2006 Goto top

Construction of fisherman dockMAHAHUAL - The construction of the new fisherman dock in Mahahual (Majahual) on the Costa Maya has started. The dock should be ready at the end of 2006.

Construction of fisherman dock

November 2005 Goto top
COSTA MAYA - The hurricane season is nearing it's end. As predicted by the weather stations this season has been busy with storms and hurricanes. This is the list of all storms and hurricanes which were officially reported.

Tropical Storm ARLENE 08-13 JUN 2005 60 30 -  
Tropical Storm BRET 28-30 JUN 2005 35 1002 -  
Tropical Storm CINDY 03-07 JUL 2005 60 992 -  
Hurricane DENNIS 05-13 JUL 2005 130 930 4  
Hurricane EMILY 11-21 JUL 2005 135 929 4  
Tropical Storm FRANKLIN 21-29 JUL 2005 60 997 -  
Tropical Storm GERT 23-25 JUL 2005 40 1005 -  
Tropical Storm HARVEY 02-08 AUG 2005 55 994 -  
Hurricane IRENE 04-18 AUG 2005 85 975 2  
Tropical Depression TEN 13-14 AUG 2005 30 1008 -  
Tropical Storm JOSE 22-23 AUG 2005 45 1001 -  
Hurricane KATRINA 23-31 AUG 2005 150 902 5  
Tropical Storm LEE 28 AUG-02 SEP 2005 35 1007 -  
Hurricane MARIA 01-10 SEP 2005 100 960 3  
Hurricane NATE 05-10 SEP 2005 80 979 1  
Hurricane OPHELIA 06-18 SEP 2005 80 976 1  
Hurricane PHILIPPE 17-24 SEP 2005 70 985 1  
Hurricane RITA 18-26 SEP 2005 150 897 5  
Tropical Depression NINETE 30 SEP-02 OCT 2005 30 1006 -  
Hurricane STAN 01-05 OCT 2005 70 979 1  
Tropical Storm TAMMY 05-06 OCT 2005 45 30 -  
Tropical Depression TWENTY 08-09 OCT 2005 30 1009 -  
Hurricane VINCE 09-11 OCT 2005 65 987 1  
Hurricane WILMA 15-25 OCT 2005 150 882 5  
Tropical Storm ALPHA 22-24 OCT 2005 45 998 -  
Hurricane BETA 27-31 OCT 2005 100 960 3  

October 2005 Goto top

Hurricane WilmaCOSTA MAYA - Hurricane Wilma is now over Cancun making sever damage to buildings and infrastructure. The Costa Maya is getting a high tide and waves. Damage is minimal. See more pictures here...

Hurrican Wilma track

July 2005 Goto top
XCALAK / SAN PEDRO- Wednesday, 27th of July 2005, Five residents of San Pedro were arrested by Mexican authorities for smuggling 50 bundles containing 25 packets each of cocaine, weighing a total of 1,350 kilos. The 6 arrested persons were transported by authorities to Cozumel. where they were handed over to the Ministerio Público de la Federación (MPF).
Track of Hurricane EmilyQUINTANA ROO - Monday, 18th of July 2005, Hurricane Emily reached the Quintana Roo coast. Emily had grown to a category 4 hurricane by then. The Yucatan coast survived Emily's wind and rain much better than most had expected. Emily struck land between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The Mexican Government was well prepared and thousands of people were evacuated land inwards.
April 2005 Goto top
Grandeur of the SeaMAHAHUAL - Grandeur of the Seas struck the pier in Costa Maya, Mexico, at approximately 1 p.m. (E.S.T.) Wednesday, while the ship was docking in 15-knot winds and a 3-knot current, which contributed to the incident. All guests and crew members are completely safe, and none were injured in the incident. The ship has a football-shaped puncture in the bow, on its starboard side, that is approximately 42 feet long and five feet wide at its widest point. The puncture was in the first deck, approximately five feet above the waterline.
March 2005 Goto top
MAHAHUAL - After many periods where the new mobile phone system was on and off it seems that the mobile phone system (GSM) in Mahahual (Majahual) is now fully operational. There is a good reception in a radius of 6 km around Mahahual (Majahual).
XCALAK/MAHAHUAL - The bridge in the beach road which is approx 13 km's north of Xcalak burned out. The bridge is just north of the road that leads from the beach road to the main road. Hotels like Playa Sonrisa, Sandwood villas, Sin Dudas and La Guacamaya can still be easily reached from Xcalak.
(Costa Maya map:
February 2005 Goto top
MAHAHUAL - A tax office has opened in Nuevo Mahahual (Majahual). Property tax can now be paid there in stead of in Chetumal.
January 2005 Goto top

El tucan de Costa MayaMAHAHUAL - El Tucan de Costa Maya is the first car rental agency to offer rental cars at the Costa Maya and in the town of Mahahual. Offering a variety of services, El Tucan De Costa Maya specializes in helping you plan the perfect visit to the Costa Maya by providing transportation and personalized service. El Tucan de Costa Maya offers rental Cars, specialized tours for large and small groups, bicycle rentals (soon) and transports and transfers anywhere in the Costa Maya and Riviera Maya.

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November 2004 Goto top
XCALAK - The Leaky Palapa (previously Conchitas) has just been opened by Marla and Linda. They are open from 11:00AM to 9:00PM serving both lunch and dinner Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.
InterContinental Hotel GroupCHETUMAL - The InterContinental Hotel Group has announced to build two new hotels in Chetumal. A Crowne Plaza hotel and a Seven Holiday Inn Express are to be opened in 2006.
October 2004 Goto top
MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The first cellular phone antenna installation is being finished as you read this. There are no details available about the range and provider. The installation is near the port of Mahahual (Majahual).

Maya Luna MahahualMAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Hotel Maya Luna Mahahual has just opened. The hotel is located on the Mahahual (Majahual) - Xcalak beach road, 5.2 km south of Mahahual (Majahual). Maya Luna is a small hotel and camping. The owners are Jan Schmeitz and Caroline van Santvoord.

You can contact them at:

Phone (Mexico): 00 52 (01) 983 83 60905
Phone (Netherlands): 00 31 (0) 6 52243304

Address Mexico:
Mahahual (Majahual) - Xcalak beach road, 5.2 km south of Mahahual (Majahual).
September 2004 Goto top
COSTA MAYA - Several building places were shut down by Semarnat. The reason for the shutdown is the lack of proper permits.
Dreamtime DivingMAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Blue Ha diving is taken over and will be operating under it's new name: Dreamtime Diving.
MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - La Cueva del Piloto has started. They have flying tours over the Costa Maya.
Poca CosaXCALAK - Poca Cosa owned by Chris and Paula Poschun is now available. It is located at Xcalak - Mahahual (Majahual) beach road, 11.4 km north of town.
August 2004 Goto top
XCALAK - The beach road running from Xcalak town southwards to Canal de Zaragozza has been re-done. The road is now crisp and clean again.
Dolp InnXCALAK - The Dolph Inn has a new owner. We will update this site to include the new contact information.

SemarnatXCALAK - Semarnat has started construction of an offfice at Xcalak. The office building can be found on the road that leads into town at the beach across from the soccer field.

Reina de la Costa Maya 2004/2005 Marisol Rojas Avila (Photo by San Pedro Sun)MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The new Reina de la Costa Maya 2004/2005 has been chosen in San Pedro, Belize. The winner is Marisol Rojas Avila from Mexico.

SemarnatMEXICO - An new requirement for an Enviromental Impact Statement (EIS) is now required to acquire a building permit. This EIS is issued by Semarnat.
MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - La Cueva del Lobo is newly build an djust opened. La Cueva del Lobo is located in Mahahual (Majahual) town. It is just across the beachroad and has 4 appartments.

July 2004 Goto top
Maya Ha MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The Maya Ha has been sold and is under new ownership. They plan to re-open at the end of the month as the Maya Palms Resort.

ConchitasXCALAK - Conchitas has been rented out and will re-open soon.

June 2004 Goto top

XCALAK - Electricity has finally arrived in Xcalak! The towns grid has been connected to the mexican power grid. There is 24/7 electricity now!

Bacalar roadBACALAR - The widening of the highway between Limones and Bacalar has been completed. It is now a modern four-lane highway.
MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Mahahual Waterpark has started it's activities. They offer parasailing, snorkeling, catamaran trips and more. They operate from Mahahual Majahual).
April 2004 Goto top

Puerto Costa MayaMAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - rbb Public Relations' program for Puerto Costa Maya will work in conjunction with a direct-mail campaign to showcase the port as a destination for adventure-seeking tourists. Puerto Costa Maya, the Caribbean's first port designed exclusively for the cruise ship industry, launched this new marketing campaign in the U.S. to generate enhanced awareness of the destination and its offerings.


SAN PEDRO - San Pedro's most anticipated event, the International Costa Maya Festival, has been tentatively scheduled for August 5th to the 8th. The Festival Committee will be meeting very soon to polish up all the details to make this year's premier Mundo Maya event one to remember.

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March 2004 Goto top

Public Solemn Session of the Othon P. Blanco Town CouncilCHETUMAL - Belize and Mexico came in Chetumal, Mexico to form an alliances between the two countries. On March 5th, representatives of Othon P. Blanco (Chetumal) and San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, signed the final documents establishing their official "sister city" relationship. This alliance will allow an exchange of cultural, commercial, industrial and tourist product for both municipalities. This formal event was held at the Alameda Park in Chetumal during the 10th Public Solemn Session of the Othon P. Blanco Town Council. At this historic accord, the Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Chetumal Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui and San Pedro Mayor Elsa Paz affixed their signatures to this very important document. Bearing official witness to this was Pedro Ramon Peña Xicum who represented the Governor of Quintana Roo.


Februari 2004 Goto top

Centro Ecologico AkumalAKUMAL - This year Centro Ecologico Akumal wil have a new Director, Paul Sánchez-Navarro. Before coming to CEA, Paul was a Biodiversity Policy Advisor with WWF International (World Wide Fund for Nature) in Gland, Switzerland. He has broad experience in the environmental field, having served as Biodiversity Policy Advisor for both the WWF México Program and Pronatura.

Casa del Mar beach cafeMAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Casa del Mar beach cafe is a new cafe in Mahahual (Majahual), which serves a very good expresso and is managed by Iris and Stephan Hoeschle.

Grandeur of the SeasUSA - Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas, which was to visit the Costa Maya, got stuck in New Orleans. The Mississippi River remained closed for a several days due to the sinking of supply ship M/V Lee III. The Grandeur, which is based in New Orleans during the cooler months, had been scheduled visit to Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman Island; and Costa Maya, Mexico. The vessel's 2,018 passengers have been told the cruise could not be started and were offered compenstation.

January 2004 Goto top
HOUSTON - Maya King Superferries has announced plans to start a ferry from Houston to Progresso, Puerto Morelos and Puerto Cortez (Honduras). Maya King would allow cargo trucks, buses, vans and cars to drive onto a ferry. Passengers would pay about 300 USD for a one-way ticket to Honduras and 600 USD more for a car.

XCALAK - Nuestro Tesoro, Joe and Susan McDowell new house, is ready and available for rent. The house is approximately 7 kilometers north of Xcalak town. You can contact Joe and Susan at the following address:

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SEMARNAT - New request for permit:
Request: 23QR2004TD001,
December 2003 Goto top
ChedrauiCHETUMAL - Thursday 4th of December the Chedraui in Chetumal was opened. The new Chedraui is 8.000 m2 and has the same products as the Chedraui in Cancun. The new Chedraui is located in the new mall called Plaza las Américas. Plaza las Américas is located on the Avenida Insurgentes in Chetumal.
Maya Village openingXCALAK - Mark and Rachael Satterfield have set up the first camp site and cabanas near Xcalak. It opened in December 2003. It will be run by Alan Threatt (from Xcalak Caribe bar/restaurant) and Adolfo Acevedo. The campsite will be just over the bridge north of town and will be called Maya Village. Please contact Alan Threatt for more information. Alan's email addres is:
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Travel In'MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Justa and Adam Denning opened a campsite specifically targeting backpackers and a very nice restaurant. It is called Travel In'. It costs $6/ night and reservations are not erquired. Their place is 5.5 km south of Mahahual (Majahual) on the beach road (100m south of the Hotel Balamku). The restaurant is open every day, except Sundays.
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November 2003 Goto top
SEMARNAT - New request for permit:
Request: 23QR2003TD140,
Request: 23QR2003TD141,
October 2003 Goto top
New Pemex stationMAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The PEMEX gas station near Mahahual (Majahual) has been opened this month.

SEMARNAT - New request for permit:
Request: 23QR2003TD124,

Request: 23QR2003DV1-4,

September 2003 Goto top

Lago de CuitzeoXCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - A patrol boat from the Mexican navy sank off the coast of the Costa Maya. 12 of the 27 sailors onboard went missing. The 17-metre and 37 ton "Lago de Cuitzeo'' left the navy installation on Banco Chinchorro the day before. It was transporting a group of sailors to the mainland when a wave flooded the vessel, causing it capsize and sink. All of those rescued were not seriously injured in the sinking.

Cafetal - Majahual roadXCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The Cafetal to Mahahual (Majahual) road is finished. The road from the turnoff to Xcalak has been fully repaired. Now the road from Cancun to the Costa Maya is complete. Work is ongoing on the new road from Cafetal to Chetumal.

XCALAK - Electricity has arrived in Xcalak town, the cabling is under power. A local substation has to be constructed to be able to connect the town to the grid. The location for the substation will be on the entrance road and has been made ready for construction.

August 2003 Goto top

Miss Belize, Leilah PandySAN PEDRO (BELIZE) - Thursday, August 7th, 2003. Miss Leilah Pandy, the current Miss Belize, was elected as Reina de la Costa Maya at the International Costa Maya Festival 2003.

BalamkuMAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Balamku is now open. It is privately owned and operated by two Canadians, Carol Tumber and Alan Knight. Balamku is beautifully designed thatch-roof Mayan style palapas building. It can accommodate up to 9 people. Every unit is on the beach and faces the beautiful Caribbean Sea. All units have bathrooms with showers, beautifully tiled floors, one queen and one single bed.
Click here to read more on Balamku

Canal de Zaragoza (Photo by Basil Jones)XCALAK - A project has been aproved by the government of Quintana Roo for the construction of a yacht harbour. It will be located next to the Canal de Zaragoza approximately 6 kilometers south of Xcalak.

July 2003 Goto top

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Tropical Storm CLAUDETTE past over the northern part of the Yucaton Peninsula 0n the 11th of June 2003.

Tropical Storm CLAUDETTE (10-12 July)
- Max Winds: 70 Mph
- Pres: 993
- Category: TS

Xcalak - Majahual beach road repairedXCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Work on improving the beach road from Xcalak to Mahahual (Majahual) has started and is expected to take a couple of weeks.

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Banco Chinchorro was approved to be added to the UN World Biosphere list by the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Banco Chinchorro was added to the list because of it's mosaic of open water, seagrass beds, mangroves, sand beaches and coral reefs.

June 2003 Goto top

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The hurricane season has started June 1st.

The US Weather Service has forecasted that 11 – 15 tropical storms will form with 6 -9 becoming hurricanes and 2 – 4 being intense hurricanes of category three or higher.

The list of Tropical Cyclone names to be used for the year 2003 are as follows: Anna (already used), Bill, Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fabian, Grace, Henri, Isabel, Juan, Kate, Larry, Mindy Nicolas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa, Victor and Wanda.

May 2003 Goto top

Cafetal - Majahual roadXCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The construction of the Cafetal - Mahahual (Majahual) road is now 80 % finished, 15 % has one lane finished and a small part has still both lanes under construction.

New Pemex stationThe new Pemex station near the turnoff to Xcalak is also almost ready. At the moment of writing this news the fuel pumps were just being installed.

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The first storm even before the season , Anna, formed and drifted east, away from Bermuda, on Tuesday in the Atlantic Ocean, posing no threat to land, forecasters said. Ana was centered about 375 miles southeast of Bermuda. It had maximum sustained winds of about 40 mph, just above the 39 mph threshold to be considered a subtropical storm. The only effect on the U.S. mainland was large northeast swells along the mid-Atlantic and southeast coastal waters.

April 2003 Goto top

SEMARNAT - New request for permit:
Request: 23QR2003TD018,

September 2002 Goto top

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Winter season brought two mayor storms near the Yucantan peninsula:

Hurricane Isodore TrackHurricane LILI (21-29 SEP)
- Max Winds: 125 Mph
- Pres: 938
- Category: 4

Hurricane ISIDORE (14-26 SEP)
- Max Winds: 110 Mph
- Pres: 934
- Category: 3

Neither of the two created any dangerous situations on the Costa Maya. The next storm will be named MARCO. No trace of it has been seen yet!

August 2002 Goto top

San Pedro hyperbaric chamberSAN PEDRO - The San Pedro, Belize hyperbaric chamber is back in operation as of the 12th of August 2002. It has been closed since April due to a fire next door that caused damage. It is now a state of the art chamber and x-ray facility open 24 hours a day. The facility is only an hour away by boat from Xcalak. It is located on the bay side of the airport right by the arrival/departure terminal.

July 2002 Goto top

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Banco Chinchorro was going to be closed to recreational vessels from July 11 to July 21. The Mexican Navy planned exercises between the coast and the banks. The exercises were moved and the area will remain open.

XCALAK - An official police station has been opened in Xcalak.

June 2002 Goto top

DolpinnXCALAK - The Dolpinn has just been opened. It is located 7.5 km north of Xcalak on the great white Caribbean beach. Look for more details in the lodging section.

May 2002 Goto top

Casa AzulXCALAK - The Casa Azul at Rancho Portilla is finished and can be rented. Casa Azul is located 3.5 km south of Xcalak in the lush jungle. Look for more details in the lodging section.

April 2002 Goto top

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The extension of highway 307 has reached the turnoff to Mahahual (Majahual) / Xcalak. Take care not to miss it as the road signs have been temporarily removed. Construction towards Mahahual (Majahual) has started.

XCALAK/MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Construction of a PEMEX gas station near Mahahual (Majahual) has started. The station is located at the turnoff to Xcalak. The station is expected to open this year.

MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - A potable water system has been opened in Mahahual (Majahual).

March 2002 Goto top

XCALAK - A sailboat missed the passage through the reef and washed aground.

XCALAK - Alan Threatt new bar 'Xcalak Caribe' was opened on Friday 21st of march 2002.


XCALAK / MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - After April 1st there is a 3 year moratorium on conch harvesting in this Costa Maya area and Chinchorro Banks.

February 2002 Goto top

XCALAK - CLINICA DE BUENA VISTA of Helen Keller Worldwide Drs. Kimberly Stacel, Optometrist Dr. Michael Leonard, M.D visited the primary school of Xcalak on the 21st of February to issue free reading glasses to all kids from 9 to 18 years old. More than 10 children and even some adults were fitted with glasses.


XCALAK - A spectacular carnival took place in Xcalak where young and old enjoyed the big party on the beach.

XCALAK - The governor visited Xcalak to see the new beach and to check how other improvements are unrolling in the Costa Maya.

January 2002 Goto top

MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The highway leading to Mahahual (Majahual) is now repaired. Traveling time to Mahahual (Majahual)/Xcalak decreased significantly.



November 2001 Goto top

XCALAK - The government has started improving the beaches and the sea for swimming. They have started dredging to deepen the swimming waters and to prevent plant grow.

MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Telephone has arrived in Mahahual (Majahual). Plans for connecting Xcalak are unknown.

MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - The highway leading to Mahahual (Majahual) is being repaired. Work is going to take several weeks.

MEXICO - The area codes for Mexico have changed. Click here to check the new codes.

XCALAK - Hurricane Michelle missed Xcalak. Minor damage was done.

October 2001 Goto top

MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Construction is ongoing to enlarge the runways to enable the reception of larger airplanes at Mahahual (Majahual).

MAHAHUAL (MAJAHUAL) - Cruise ships have started arriving in Mahahual (Majahual). Some 1800 passengers per ship spend there short stopover in Mahahual (Majahual). Some visit Xcalak for an eco trip.

XCALAK- Hurricane Iris struck the south of Belize on 9 October 2001, just missing Xcalak.

September 2001 Goto top

CHETUMAL - Construction of the highway 307 in the direction of Cancun has started. The two lane road will be extended to a four lane highway.

August 2001 Goto top

XCALAK- 21st of August Tropical Storm Chantal visited the Costa Maya, stayed for several hours, and then drifted on. Minor damage was done.